Battery System

Standardised battery systems

Imagine there is a unified 48V battery system that can be used everywhere: in small delivery vans, in your motorcycle, in a boat, at a construction site, in a mountain hut or in the weekend house? A battery module is spreading in the market with a broad range of applications.

One single PowerPack is providing 4.8 kWh of electricity.
That is equal to:


litre of pumped water

(from 10m depth)


km on the road, driving an E-MotorRoller or a 3-wheeler


km drive distance with an electric lightweight delivery car


minutes on the river/lake with an electric out-boarder at your boat


sacks of maize treshed


days of powering a home in Africa


acre of land, ploughed with an E-Trak


A case for your case!

  • Robust „Unified Battery Case“, packed in a mechanical resistant case, dust-proof, splash-proof contacts, standardised geometry for quick replacement in EV’s, with carrying handle, protective Box 37 x 30 x 23 (LxWxH)
  • Weight 19 kg
  • 48 V NMC lithium ion battery, B-good cells
  • Active BMS, application programmable, CAN interface, RS 484
  • Storage capacity: 4.8 kWh
  • Cycle stability > 4,000 charging and discharging
  • Cycles up to capacity drop to < 80%
  • Voltage range: 39-59V
  • Permanent discharge current 100A (1C)
  • Short term peak discharge current 200 A (2C)
  • Charging time at 20 A approx. 5 hours
  • Batteries can be easily stacked in a protective transport packaging.

Fire Protection

⊕ is positive.

⊖ is negative.

A battery can burn in the event of improper treatment due to short circuit for example. To protect against overheating, the Power-Pack is using a passive safety concept, a special insulating and cooling material.

In addition, at VoltaMove, there is the offer to line the vehicle’s battery shafts with a special fire-retardant material, which withstands temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees. Thus, a fire stroke would be prevented in the accident. In the past, this material has already been successfully tested by Fraunhofer HHI on behalf of the manufacturer.


We strive for a seal of quality.

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer HHI and VDE, VoltaMove will develop a seal of quality for prismatic goods lithium cells based on new quick diagnostics techniques, so that the company meet European quality standards according to the corresponding check. This means that the battery systems can be used safely and reliably anywhere.

Our LVDC battery modules meet the certifications.

1. ISO 9001 for production.

2. ECE 136 for the battery modules for use in lightweight vehicles.

3. UN 38.3 for transportation.

4. ISO/TS23625 for the area of small watercraft/leisure shipping.

The ISO 9001 for the prototype production line takes place as part of the existing certification of the Fraunhofer HHI at the Goslar facility by integrating battery production into the existing QM system.

The certifications according to UN 38.3, ECE 136 and ISO/TS 23625 are carried out in cooperation with the VDE. A corresponding test infrastructure is available at the battery centre of the Fraunhofer HHI at the Goslar site. 

Lifetime Extension

Low-Voltage applications extend the lifetime in the recycling cycle of High-Voltage batteries.

VoltaMove’s prismatic NMC lithium battery cells are produced for the automotive industry. Due to the extremely high-quality requirements not every cell is suitable for the use in high-voltage battery systems. But these cells are ideal for LVDC (low volt, direct current) applications. The cell’s lifetime can be doubled. 

Sales Price Reduction

The larger the quantities, the lower the specific cost per unit.

We are convinced of sales price reduction through industrial process optimisation. The larger the number of produced unties of power packs per year are, the lower are the manufacturing costs and thus the specific sales price per kWh capacity. VoltaMove is striving for an exponential reduction in the sale price by industrialising the manufacturing process. We are currently assuming marginal production costs of 150 EUR/kWh.

Sensor System

Intelligent monitoring over the entire life cycle.

The customer wants to be informed about the current state of a used battery due to their degradation. The intelligent diagnosis capacity of lithium battery systems throughout its life cycle is a key element of circulatory processes from production to recycling. Intelligent sensors and data processing by artificial intelligence are essential for predictive maintenance. 


Through „Asset Lock Finance“

Infrastructure investments can be financed. Most applications of our battery systems are among the assets that can be offered as collaterals to the banks of financing your projects. Our battery technology in combination with the Internet of Things provides the banks the necessary trust. Together we can convince your bank’s customer advisor concerning proofing possibilities of loan repayments.

Data Security

Data shall be only passed on as de-personalised data.

A separate non-profit GmbH (gGmbH) is founded for data protection. This statute is intended to regulate the data flow according to the ethical principles of VoltaMove and meet the requirements of non-profit law. The goals of the gGmbH are the data collection from the batteries, the data evaluation and the filtered data forwarding without personalised data. Any profits of this gGmbH are to be used exclusively for the non-profit purpose of „promoting electro-mobility“ and „decentralised energy supply“. 


We visualise your carbon footprint!

To support the transition to a low-carbon sustainable future, VoltaMove is quantifying carbon footprint reduction and unavoidable emission offsets through its battery data flows. By monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) the dynamic data can be visualised for our customers. Compensation payments from the European industry are financing our activities in Africa. 

Deposit Return Scheme

Recycling and the efficient handling of materials is important to us.

The value of a broken battery cell is higher in the future than the purchase of new materials. Therefore, the purchase price includes a deposit of 1.00 EUR per battery cell. This deposit will be refunded when the cell is returned to the factory. A 48 V power pack has 14 cells. The deposit is therefore 14.00 EUR, including sales tax. When the deposit is collected, VoltaMove will issue a deposit token in the form of a digital identification of the respective power pack and make the reimbursement of the deposit dependent on the return of the token.


Simple installation & simple operation.

Stay connected with cables and plugs. We found fitting inverters and chargers.